I am Sadi Ozturk. You can check out my professional CV at Linkedin. For unprofessional CV information, read on. My main technical topics of interest are artificial intelligence, robotics, space tech and network equipment. My main non-technical topics of interest are entrepreneurship, start-ups, reading books (on startups, programming, robotics and futurism), listening to music (classical and metal mostly) and playing the electric guitar.

What I do
In hindsight, I can clearly say that what I basically do very well in companies are these:

  • Take an idea
  • Think of a solution
  • Plan what I need for it
  • Take the first steps and clear out the woods
  • Create the first prototype
  • In the meantime find the first customers (way before it is finished)
  • Build a team
  • Empower and enrich the team
  • Get output
  • Start selling it

Professional Experience
The time line for my professional experience is as follows:

Teknik Deneyim
The time line for my technical experience is as follows:

Management Experience
I had the chance to manage and lead technological projects with a 10M+ TL budget ve 25+ engineers during my short career.


  • I founded my first company (Kasırga) in 2008 at our university when I was still a student. At Kasırga Bilisim LLC we worked on various R&D projects. After my graduation, I wanted to do something else, providing R&D services to companies was not enough – I wanted to develop products.
  • In 2010, with the help of a special government grant, I founded Robutel. Although I started the company to “develop products”, we were not able to immediately start developping products. The main reason was that the financial ecosystem in Turkey was too conservative and no-one financed innovative ideas (even getting loans from a bank was not possible). Thus for some time, we had to provide R&D services to gather the financial resources required for team building, product development and marketing. In 2012, we finally started working on our product full time, which was a robotic forklift to be used in factories for automatic load delivery. The costs were too high, we required more prototypes than we orginally planned, etc.. – so we ran out of money. Thus we sold the company in 2013, with all the IP, to a major industrial holding in Turkey. We re-structured the company and founded Robutel Corp. in 2013. I resigned from the post of CEO and left my company to pursue different projects in 2015. Robutel Corp. is doing business in the intra-logistics sector as a major mobile robot manufacturer since.
  • Between August 2015 and June 2016 I worked as a consultant on 3D scanning, 3D modelling, IoT, satcom, secure storage and robotics projects and worked on the feasibility of different product ideas.
  • Since June 2016, I am working as the CTO of Rovenma Corp. We are developping robotic storage solutions, high speed data processing and secure communication systems at Rovenma.

The views presented on this website are my personal views and are not in any way related to the companies I am involved. I am not liable of any damaged caused by the usage of the contents of this website. I may use Java as the programming language at those companie but on my blog I may say that “java is a complete waste of time” – this is not a contradiction but a product of circumstances.